Jacob Benarroch

Summer camp provided me with some of the best memories of my childhood. The close-knit bonds that
were created over those summers have lasted to this day. Field trips, Shabbatons and just the day to day
interactions provided laughs and memories to last a lifetime. It also happened to be the place where I
found my wife - what more can you ask for?!? My hope has always been to recreate a similar
environment for my children to grow up in, and Camp Tikva is just that place!

Rachel Keslassy

Oh, the memories of camp, how do I choose my most memorable moment... perhaps the handball
competitions, or the skipping rope tournaments or was it the year end, parents night show where we
spent our days rehearsing and creating dances and skits that truly entertained! All those activities bring
back fond memories, but I would have to say what I cherish most about camp would have to be the
relationships I built, the friendships I made, and the bonds that will last forever!

Pamela Mekuz

As a kid I spent ten months of my life waiting for camp to start. And my most vivid (thought not my most
favourite) was ugly crying on that last day before that long ten-month countdown would begin again.
My favourite memories include staying up way too late telling secrets with my friends and overnight
trips and sleeping under the stars. Camp is the best!

Perlita Stroh

I never went to overnight camp, but I loved day camp growing up. I love meeting new kids, loved the
programs including drama and swim and I loved being outdoor all day. Can't wait for my kids to
experience all that and more at Camp Tikva this summer!

Michael Ettedgui

I attended Sephardic Youth Camp as a child and worked at Camp Torolago as a young adult. When Camp Torolago was taking registrations for its first summer, a family called about their son, who suffered from cerebral palsy. They wanted to know if we were equipped to care for children with such conditions. We said we had no special training or qualifications as such, but what we did have were big hearts and we would be happy to integrate the boy into the program. My favorite camp experience came on a day I which we held obstacle course competitions. This boy was not able to participate at a competitive level but when it was time to announce winners, we gave him a special award for trying his best and the entire camp roared to a standing ovation. For me, this story encapsulates the magic of summer camp. I know Camp Tikva, which has many volunteers from Sephardic Youth Camp and Camp Torolago, will make memories like this one.